Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Pillar (2015)

This is a character i created for the "Sticky Fingers" mascot contest by Viber. Pillar is a caterpillar with a cute bear face. He loves parties, hugs, and chewing leaves. In this case I wanted to maintain the design simple and catchy so I decided to use just two colors and regular shapes for the body parts. There is also a little ladybug with rabbit face, just to make you know i didn't quit my obsession with rabbits. As you can see i decided to use him as the main theme of this blog.
Pillar 1 (2015)

Pillar 2 (2015)

Pillar 3 (2015)

Pillar 4 (2015)

Monday, 25 May 2015

Bunnies from Outerspace (2014)

This is a comic-fantasy story i made about a group of alien rabbits running after a fugitive alien gorilla in a park. Bunnies are a recurring character in my comics as you can see from the previous post "White Terror". In this story i wanted to make the boss rabbit look fatty and odd with his glass helmet provided with antennas producing lightning.

Bunnies from Outerspace 1 (2014)
Bunnies from Outerspace 2 (2014)

Sunday, 24 May 2015

False Partenze - White Terror (2012)

This is a story i made in 2012 for the Collective Volume "False Partenze", published by the School of Fine Arts of Castello Sforzesco. The main theme around the volume was "the journey" and, as always, i wanted to put my peculiar view on it. So i decided to make an horror story set into the underground at night with a giant were-rabbit chasing two little boys. The inspiration behind the story was my fascination for the underground space as a mysterious, labyrinth-like place that could conceal secret tunnels and inhabitants.

False Partenze - White Terror 1 (2012)
False Partenze - White Terror 2 (2012)
False Partenze - White Terror 3 (2012)

False Partenze - White Terror 4 (2012)

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Simone - Trame Solidali (2013)

This was a project for "Associazione L'Ortica", a voluntary association in Milan involved into the social integration of children with autism. They asked to some of my friends and me to create a comic volume portraying the stories of some of the children in the association. I chose to tell the story of Simone, a 10 years old boy with an attention deficit. He had problems concentrating in some of the association activities, like working at the loom, and had to plan everything like if he was projected into the future. I decided to introduce the character of Doctor Who as an imaginary friend that helps him relate to the concept of time.

Simone 1 - Trame Solidali (2013)

Simone 2 - Trame Solidali (2013)

Simone 3 - Trame Solidali (2013)

Simone 4 - Trame Solidali (2013)

Friday, 22 May 2015

From Outerspace to Blogosphere

Simone - Trame Solidali (2013)

Hello Blogosphere! I landed here from the outerspace of my imagination to share my works and my thoughts with all of you. I'm a somewhat introverted guy who always found his special place in creating illustrations and comics from the earliest age. As i grew up my relationship with this special world has drastically changed. New experiences, higher commitment on the outside world brought  a change on how i saw my art and myself. But my love for this medium never faded and now has come the time for me to share it with you.