Saturday, 23 May 2015

Simone - Trame Solidali (2013)

This was a project for "Associazione L'Ortica", a voluntary association in Milan involved into the social integration of children with autism. They asked to some of my friends and me to create a comic volume portraying the stories of some of the children in the association. I chose to tell the story of Simone, a 10 years old boy with an attention deficit. He had problems concentrating in some of the association activities, like working at the loom, and had to plan everything like if he was projected into the future. I decided to introduce the character of Doctor Who as an imaginary friend that helps him relate to the concept of time.

Simone 1 - Trame Solidali (2013)

Simone 2 - Trame Solidali (2013)

Simone 3 - Trame Solidali (2013)

Simone 4 - Trame Solidali (2013)

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