Sunday, 24 July 2016

Jus is back!

Hello Blogosphere! It's been nearly a year I don't publish anyting on this blog and I feel bad about it. In the meantime I came back to University to study Communication Design and had not so much time to carry on with my comic projects (and I have so many in my mind). Good thing is I could use my comics skills for some of the projects we did in uni. I added them to my Behance and Facebook pages and I'm gonna show you some of them in the next posts. 

What about the "Future Project" I mentioned in the last post I wrote last year? I drew some others pages and almost finished the storyboards. Here you can see the new pages.
Future project 18 (2015)
Future Project 19 (2015)
Future Project 20 (2015)
Future project 21 (2015)

Future Project 22 (2015)

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